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Another new big top for my Carnival of Rust, this one the more raunchy branch where things can get a little more....messy.

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HELLO NEWGROUNDS! How you guys doing? Glad to be here....so uh, yeah. Most of the stuff I just posted these last couple of days is about, say, a fourth/fifth or so of the stuff I've done over the last ten years or so. Pitty I can only upload 50 a day or I'd be all done posting what I want to show you guys by now. For the most part my base of operations is and always will be Deviantart but it's nice to have a venue that is more (ahem) loosy goosy with what I can post....

But speaking of which, I love getting feedback. Likes and votes are nice and all but they don't exactly give me a good enough indicator of how I'm doing with my audience. Call me a bit of a comments whore if you want....cause I totally am. How you guys liking my back catalog so far?

I don't really do requests. Maybe I'll do some if it's a good friend, but more often than not I'm getting the usual "draw this certain thing I get off on" fair I'm expected to catter to. I don't catter to my audience, I give what content I want to show and hope for the best.

And regrettebly I don't have the means to do paid comissions, I don't even have a Patreon. I would love to someday but for now I can't. The silver lining to this gloomy cloud is that everything I do won't cost anyone a dime so there's at least that...

Anyway I'm gonna be getting back to my writing, waiting for tomorrow when I can post more stuff. And hopefully I can get my back catalog up so I can start posting all new stuff here. 

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